Is jb right for me

like will he the right person to go out with
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Anonymous User
Asked Mar 28, 2010
Who is jb? Jonas Brothers? Justin Bieber? Who?
Answered Mar 28, 2010
Are you serious? I mean, come on... When is the last time a celebrity has dated someone who isn't a celebrity or model or famous in some way? What is with all the 11 year old girls swarming to this site trying to get with him? I mean come on people, I get that you're just little kids, but get a life, grow up at least a little. He's just some guy, you've never met him, you never will (no, seeing him live in a concert doesn't count). He's not going to date you, you're not going to get his phone number, and according to someone in another post elsewhere on the site he claimed to be gay on Oprah. I'm not saying he is, or that this is true, but it is possible, and if it is, then what, hmm?

I'm just really sick of all the Justin Beiber questions on the site.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
i agree... its driving some people in sane... its not like the famous person even no that you exist...
me too! I don't get the big deal.
Answered Mar 10, 2012
Was Napoleon right for Josephine? Was nausea right for dranmamine? Were the 80's right for the drum machine? Who's to say! Was ballet right for Balanchine? Was polio right for the Salk vaccine? Was rehab right for Charlie sheen? Who's to say.
Answered May 25, 2014
She ? What ? No !!!
Answered May 28, 2014

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