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Okay so I like this one guy and Ive already went out with him once, but I over heard him talking to someone that he would never go back out with someone again..does that mean I won't have another chance with him?
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Asked Mar 25, 2010
Edited Mar 25, 2010
you first have to find out what the whole conversation was about because you may have just heard part of it. sometimes it could be a totally different thing.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
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Don't take dating advice from internet forums, maybe that is the problem you are having.. you are asking questions like this on internet forums.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
it may be another girl, so don't lose hope, but don't be obsessed with him either. Try asking him out again and see what he says. If he says no, he just didn't feel the connection on the 1st date and move on with your life. If he says yes, then it solves your problem!
Answered Apr 04, 2010
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Answered Aug 29, 2019
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If both are fully confortable with sexual time then
Answered Mar 30, 2010

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