Do you think an 8 year old should like a 16 year old

Asked Mar 25, 2010
if u just like an 16 year old its ok but if u r dating a 16 ear old at age 8 that wuld be very worng little kids always like older kids!
Should what?
i think if your mom is ok with you like a 16 year old than it is ok :)
No way, in two years the 16 year old could go to jail, but more importantly, people aren't ready to date at 8. You're probably thinking, "But she's really mature, so it's okay." Or something, and whatever I say won't change your mind, however it's true, and one of these days you'll find that out the hard way. Either way, it's a really bad idea.
Answered Mar 25, 2010
i agree although I am 11 I agreee
Carter May 03, 2010
I agree I mean they havent gone throgh puberty yet
Oh so now people are going to jail for liking some one? I think you people shouldn't be lying to these young people who ask real questions and are seeking real answers in their own minds, they deserve straight honest answers, the correct answer is that anybody has the right to like anyone they choose, just like anyone has the right to not like anyone they choose, no where did I see a question of dating or that the 16 year old reciprocated the feeling of the 8 year old. and even if they were dating they both have rights to have crush's on whom ever they like, without it being any of our business.

And what's this all about "they haven't gone through puberty yet?" is there some kind of new law or social rule that says a youngster can't like or crush on some one until they've entered puberty? now that is the most illogical thing I've ever heard. Just keep it real and you'll gain the respect and admiration of all.
kids have crushes all the time, & I think as long as your child isnt serious, theres nothing wrong with a little crush.
itll pass.
Answered Jan 06, 2011
if your a 8 year old girl, you r kinda suppose to like some one older , its okay to like anyone you want, and that was the question asked by what an innocent 8 year old girl, little girls have crushes on older guys, please ignore anyone who made ugly remarks, but know that if the 16 year old acts like he like you back, there is somehing seriously wrong with him.
Answered Mar 29, 2013
No it's not, it's illegal. Knock it off.
Answered Oct 04, 2012
An 8 year old having a crush on a 16 year old is not illegal. What gave you an idea like that?
It's not illegal, but there is child molestation.
youdontwannakno, your answer is illegal so you knock it off...
NO WAY, no no no no!!! tht is just very very rong!
Answered Mar 27, 2010
NO WAY, that is just realy gross,and the 16 year old is too old for the 8 yaer old. I realy think that 8 is too young to date,and the 16 year old should date someone more her/his age.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
true I am 11 and need some one to type back should I date a 12 yr old
Carter May 03, 2010
Well that seems quite alright Carter.
yeh seems fine x
im 13 & I dated a 15yr old so that shud be totaly fine xD
Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! At 8 years old you shouldn't date no matter how old they are. You are not mature enough no matter what you say. no offence. I mean most 8 year olds don't think about that stuff yet. But maybe so but in my opinion no.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
if you are the age of 18 and under shutup
Carter May 03, 2010
Please don't tell others to shut up here. Thank you.
I dont understand why hes saying shut up??
Are you retarded or are those parents of yours retarded? Honestly what the hell is the matter with that kid.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
its called puppylove get a clue
kiki012 Nov 26, 2010
What the heck kthxicus...
I'm not sure the question was answered. Should an 8 year old like a 16 year old was the question. Is it normal for an 8 year old to like a 16 year old? I don't know. Can an 8 year old like a 16 year old? Sure - why not. Should a 16 year old act on that? No way - never.
Answered Apr 01, 2010
thx u for makin it clear to everybody bkz they clearly wasnt gettin the question.... but yes it is normal for a young lady to like someone older then she is............
unhealthy to dwell on though
i say sure I like a 16 yr old I am 11 and a half
Answered May 03, 2010
but ur not 8
And neither are you tomboyyy
the 8 year old jus has a crush it will pass
Answered May 03, 2010
It is just a crush as all young kids have. They are just discovering the thoughts of growing up and their hormones are changing and they are just discovering who they are. It is completely harmless unless the 8 year old is making inappropriate advances or the 16 year old is making advances. Otherwise it's harmless.
Answered May 24, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Yeh it's normal to like her but DONT go out with her as the 16yr old will suffer (you'l get it when your older)
Answered Sep 23, 2010
Answered Nov 16, 2010
its ok to like them just no datin or kissin but I dont think you should like a 16 year old
Answered Nov 26, 2010
yeah it is ok if it is a crush but if they want to go out on a date then that is wrong I think if you are dating someone they should be the same age or max 4 years older but you shouldn't be dating at 8 !!!!! I am a 13 yr old girl and the oldest guy I have datest is 17 but we were not to serious the most we done was kissed on a bed that's as far as I would go with someone of his age x
Answered Dec 12, 2010
Did we ever classify if the 16 year old liked this person back? I really don't think (I REALLY HOPE NOT) that a 16 year old would be looking for sex, and a relationship, possibly to start a family. An 8 year old isn't mature enough to even THINK about having a family, she's in what...3rd grade? Completely healthy though, for a young girl to like an older guy. This will pass, though, or it will become a serious problem, legally if anything were to happen, and if the parents knew that a 16 was to date an 8 year old, he would be arrested. Parents should tell the 8 year old that "it isn't okay to like the 16 year old, but they can still be friends."
Answered Feb 06, 2011
Your totally normal no matter what anyone says.
Answered May 18, 2011
well I gess it all depends on the situation
say if the girl was dressed in a Jim Morrison costume for halloween
it would definitely be approved by the "it's ok to date a minor if she looks like jim act of '71"
so maybe you dress her up as jim and bang her!!!
Answered Nov 03, 2011
Yeah. I'm 8 years old.
Answered Nov 06, 2011
its ok as long as you dont date them.all kids have crushes win they are little but dont date him!!!!
Answered May 09, 2013
Please guys. It's not wrong to like someone older Han you. However, I'm not encouraging you to date them, but I would say that 8 is too young to be dating, if you think it isn't, that's your opinion and this is mine. Feelings cannot be helped, it's your choice if you act upon them though. I think that 8 years isn't that much of a difference once you grow up, but right now it's a lot of difference between you two, and I don't advise dating or any sexual behavior (sorry if I embarrass you). It's absolutely all right to like someone older than you even with that difference. It might seem like a huge difference, but in reality it's not that different.

Hearts and Kisses
Answered Sep 10, 2013
Yes. Age is just a number and besides its just a crush. No big deal. Be confident and go for it . :)
Answered Sep 02, 2014
You got to be kidding me...
yifawu Sep 03, 2014
It not OK because you don't know what your doing and don't think about kissing him if your planing a date.
Answered Sep 03, 2014
It's ok if you like him but dating him is not appropriate
Answered Nov 08, 2017
Should be ok as long as it isn't anything pursued lol
Answered Dec 05, 2021
It's okay as long as you don't have sex
Answered Apr 06, 2013

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