Moving problems! please help

OKayy... im so confused... im moving in like 2 weeks... and the last time I moved it was like ten years ago... so, here I am... a gurl in grade ten, having to move thro the semester... and starting at a different school at the end of the year... so im really confused... I have really good friends... how do I tell them that im moving.... how am I suppose to move and just start my whole life over!!?? we are moving two days away... and its just a crazy idea my parents have... n e advice on tryin to tell my friends?
Asked Mar 25, 2010
Hi there this is Paul G Mazzola I like the way you look and that's the truth I like people to just see me for what I'm and what I'm not.
I'm trying to get my facebook back I hope that you can E-mail facebook to tell them I'm sorry okay?
I hope that you and I can be very good friend's okay thank you and you have a very nice and cool summer time from your new friend Paul G Mazzola.
Just be upfront and honest with your friends. Don't try to sugar coat anything, just come out and say it. Also, tell them as soon as you can, they might want to throw some kind of get together before you go, or all sign a card. If you can, take some pictures with them to remember them by, and it doesn't hurt to stay in touch, be it through Facebook, Myspace, IM, phone, etc... And maybe you can go visit them over summer break? Either way, don't let this stop you from making new friends wherever you move to. You need to learn at some point in your life that sometimes all you can do, what you have to do, is just move on.
Answered Mar 25, 2010
thank you for the advice... its really helpful that some people actually no what to do in this type of a sitution... so thanks again!
No problem, glad I could help.
Yes you sure did... I told all my friends today... they all cried but was happy I told them
Yeah, you kinda have to look at it from their shoes, I mean, how would you feel if one of them moved away without telling you? I dunno about you but I'd be pretty sad. So when you think about it, it's like ripping off a bandaid, just do it quick and get it over with.
yep... I remember one of my friends moving.... and she didnt tell me until after she was gone for like a week... I called her cell phone... and then she told me that she didnt wanna see me cry cause it would hurt her too much... but im glad that I told my friends!
I'm moving too, and I REALLY don't want to, I have a life here and everything, and yeah, it's being torn apart before my eyes, but don't take my word for it, I'm too much of a pessimist and an introvert, so you know, other people are going through this too, and I don't know how long ago you asked this, but please, don't act like me... Be positive, be like I failed to be. Shoot, this was like four years ago... Lol, anyways, if you still Ned an answer, here's another!
Answered Dec 10, 2013

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