Is there any other way of losing weight of your hips & bum without doing the crunch?

Ever Since i've got older I cant be bothered to go out anymore Ang ave put on a little bit of weight on my hips & Bum, So is there any other Way to loose weight There without doing The Crunch?
If that makes sense???
Asked Mar 23, 2010
Edited Mar 23, 2010
Cruches won't help your hips and bum, you gotta do squat-thrusts. Or, if you have some way of attaching weight to your ankles, like duct taping water bottles to your legs or something, and then laying on your stomach and lifting your legs up and down. Or if you attach enough weight to your legs, then just regular walking around (even if you're just walking around the house) will help. If you're looking to lose fat without ANY exercise, well it doesn't exist. Those pills are either addictive drugs, or scams, and those belt things just shock you with electricity. If you found a way to burn fat without doing exercise, you'd become a billionaire overnight.
Answered Mar 23, 2010
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Answered Jul 06, 2010
I luuurve pilates, had the best bum in high school when I did them then. Getting back into it now give it a shot.
Answered Mar 29, 2017

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