Somebody help me with CamStudio!

Smebody please help me I have a problem with my camstudio when I press record on camstudio it says error creating AVI file I try to reinstalling but its not work can somebody help me with this problem??
Asked Mar 19, 2010
I don't really know the program, but I just want to provide you with some alternative programs that generally do the same thing as CamStudio.
RoboCam, HyperCam, and FRAPS.
I've used FRAPS, it's very very very simple and basic, and it works.
Hi, I posted about the AVI file error problem. Try this link it's only a post not an affiliate link it might just help. Regards

Answered Mar 26, 2010
Thanks!!!It really works!!!!
Can someone tell me how do I delete all the files I have recorded . how do I deltee them from the computer as well as from the list
Answered Mar 26, 2010
To delete them from the computer, just drag them into the recycle bin, then right click on the recycle bin and click, "Empty recycle bin." I don't know about removing them from the list, as I don't really know the program or what list you're talking about, but if they're removed from the computer, then whatever lists they're on won't matter because the files themselves are gone.

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