If I file for bankruptcy can a lien against my home be included.

My homeassociation just put a lien on my house, because I was behind in my payments.
Asked Mar 15, 2010
No you can't lien for your home.
Answered Dec 01, 2013
Contact a Financial Adviser what the best things you should do.
Answered Aug 21, 2014
yes, if you go bankrupt, then a registered property valuer may be needed to establish the value of your home and it will be included. But its better to consult from an Experts Bankruptcy for a professional advices.
Answered Aug 26, 2014
Ask your attorney , and brows on the net about bankruptcy to be aware about that problem.
Answered Sep 30, 2014
Ask attorney advices and guide to handle your problem.
Answered Nov 29, 2014
Ask a good bankruptcy advice.
Answered Dec 24, 2014
seek for experts about that. if your in australia just call these numbers 1300 795 575
Answered Dec 27, 2014
Ask your attorney advice to be guided.
Answered Jan 14, 2015

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