Uploading from PC

Have uploaded to my PC ... XP operating from my sony cybershot

am not wanting to upload from my PC into Cam Studio ... am stuck

Only option is to 'open' into an AVI file and it is not uploading ??

Help if you can please ...
Asked Mar 12, 2010
Can you ask again in English? All I got from that was you are running XP, have a Sony Cybershot, and are trying to do something involving CamStudio and an Avi.
Oni_Kami ... Thank You for looking at this ... Well

I have successfully uploaded some video to my PC - that I took on Sony cyber shot digital camera. I have saved them to a file using 'Windows Media Player'

Would now like to upload that same video into Cam Studio. However when I open Cam Studio and then click on 'open' file it only gives me the choice of opening an 'AVI' file and in addition shows none of the files that have been saved to Windows Media.

Appreciate any direction you can give me . Thanks again .... JD
JD Mar 12, 2010
Well seeing as you saved them using Windows Media Player, they're probably in the .wmv (Windows Media Video) format. Go to http://www.zamzar.com/ and just follow the instructions on the page, it will convert your .wmv files to .avi and email a link to you to download the .avi's from. Then you can put them into CamStudio. Why are you trying to put them in CamStudio anyways? What are you trying to do with them?
Answered Mar 12, 2010
Oni Kami ... Really appreciate your help on this .... Per your question. ... The network I'm working with requires me to use Camtasia to make these videos ... and I thought maybe I could get some experience with Cam Studio which is as I understand an offshoot of camtasia.. JD
JD Mar 12, 2010
Well from the screen shots, they seem to be quite similar. Good luck.

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