Who built the Great Wall of China?

In china who was the person who bulit the great wall of china
Asked Mar 11, 2010
Well the Qin Dynasty formed the original idea and began work on it, constructing it out of rammed earth, however when the Ming Dynasty was formed, they redid and continued it using brick and stone instead of rammed earth, thus making it much stronger. So it's tough to say really.
Answered Mar 11, 2010
One of the most famous is the wall built between 220–206 BC by the 1st Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Little of that wall remains; the majority of the existing wall were built during the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall stretches from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west.
Answered Apr 08, 2010
Edited Apr 08, 2010
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Well, as far as my knowledge is concerned, the great wall of china was established by the Athens, the Roman Empire, Denmark and Korea to separate the Romans from the barbarian. I might be wrong as I do not possess any appropriate knowledge about the same.
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Answered Aug 28, 2014
The history of the Great Wall of China began when fortifications built by various states during the Spring and Autumn (771–476 BC) and Warring States periods (475–221 BC) were connected by the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, to protect his newly founded Qin dynasty (221–206 BC) against incursions by nomads from Inner Asia. The walls were built of rammed earth, constructed using forced labour, and by 212 BC ran from Gansu to the coast of southern Manchuria.
Answered Mar 02, 2015
Qin Shihuang built the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials,
Answered Mar 02, 2015
The great Wall structure of China was built around 2, 000 in the past, by means of Qin Shi Huangdi, the initial emperor of China over the Qin (Ch'in) Dynasty (221 M. Chemical : 206 M. Chemical.) Within China your wall structure is termed "Wan-Li Qang-Qeng" meaning 10, 000-Li Long Wall structure (10, 000 Li = with regards to 5, 000 km).
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Answered Jul 14, 2015
China is really one of the best places to visit on the entire planet and Great Wall is its ornament. It is the longest wall in the world and an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. It was made by Soldiers, common people and criminals to protect people and territory from invasion. I got all information from trekclub. You may refer that for any required information. Thank you.
Answered Apr 23, 2016
The Great Wall was built by a labor force including soldiers, common people and criminals in fact. Emperor Qin Shihuang is widely recognized as the first man who ordered to build the Great Wall of China; however, it is not him. A duke of Chu State in the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-276BC) was first one ordering to build the wall.
Answered Jul 26, 2019

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