Why do some fish stay in one corner all day long

i dont know why my fish stays in the corner all day long
Asked Mar 07, 2010
well it has to do with them being scared of the other fish

just stay calm and everything will be ok

demi lovato
Answered Mar 09, 2010
i have a 20 gal. tank I have ten molly fish and and about 6 of thim will bunch up in one corner...now the other 4 are a bit bigger then them but not by much why would they be doing this? Does this mean that they are goin to die soon or what I am new at this fish thing. Please help. Thanks.
they are not going to die they probaly just want to be up there or the other fish are probaly chasing the fish
The fishes in the aquarium may prefer the gathering of plants or rocks at one side, where they may be able to hide or play with one another. Sometimes, they prefer the temperature of water at one side, if the heat is not uniformly distributed all along the aquarium. The thicker growth of algae may be another reason for the food preference of the fishes, which can be purchased from Hamviseafoods.
Answered Jun 24, 2017

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