What power does the Queen of England have?

I know she doesn't have the real power to control the UK, but I was wondering what other special power does the Queen have?
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Asked Mar 07, 2010
Well England used to be an absolute monarchy. That means that the Queen's rule is law, she rules with absolute power. Absolute monarchy is almost despotism. However, it's now a constitutional monarchy, which means there is a figurehead, but they don't have any actual power. The Queen of England has less power than the president of the United States (bearing in mind that the president only has 1/3 the power as there are two other branches of government). I don't actually know what current powers the Queen of England has in this day and age, so I'm posting this as a comment as I have no actual answer for you, sorry. Hope my information was helpful.
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The Queen alone has the power to dissolve Parliament, whenever she chooses. This is why the Prime Minister can't call a General Election without visiting the Queen in person, and asking her to dissolve Parliament first.

She also passes or rejects every law in the UK.

This means, theoretically, the Queen could prevent a law from being passed, or dissolve parliament and rule the country directly. Realistically, she would never do this, as it would be likely to cause some sort of revolution, almost certainly ending with the UK becoming a republic.
Answered Apr 16, 2010
the Queen has reserve power where she can take control when she wants, this was last used in 1970's during a hung parliment.
Answered May 01, 2011
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