If you have 252 square ft and 21 ft is your lenght what is your width

Asked Mar 03, 2010
Well to get the area of a rectangle, you multiply the base times the height. If the base is 21 feet and the area is 252 square feet, then that's 252/21 which is 12, so the height is 12 feet.

If we're talking about a triangle, if the base is 21 feet, a triangle is base times height divided by 2, so that would be 252 times 2 is 504/21 is 24, so the height would be 24.

The area of any polygon is A=¼pt²cot(π/p) [That's Area equals one over four Points times Length squared times cotangent of Pi over Points]

So 252=¼p(21²)cot(π/p)
252=(441p)/4 * cot(π/p)
252=110(p/4) * cot(π/p)
And I had to do a little cheating at this point, but basically, p can equal:

Now what I've accomplished here is I've proven that the shape in question is indeed not any polygon, because you cannot have a fraction of a point, it just isn't possible.
Answered Mar 04, 2010

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