I like this girl And I think she likes me but I'm not sure

I like this girl and I think she likes me bc we are like best freinds and hang out all the time but when I ask her out she says no.what should I do?
Asked Mar 01, 2010
Edited Mar 02, 2010
just wait for the right moment to tell her you like/have a crush on her
or save her form something about to kill her OR do stuff nice to her (rape,just kidding)
Answered Apr 01, 2010
RAPE,RAPE,RAPE,RAPE...! just kidding
Kiruse Nov 30, 2012
i am a girl so I am going to tell you what to do!you have to keep on hang out with her and start say her hair is pretty!like stuff you will say to your mom or something and when she start hanging out with you more and more that is when you ask her out and dont forget to hold her hand and give her hugs and stuff! hope things work out bye!!!!
Answered Apr 02, 2010
umm I dk maybe talk 2 her privately and ask how she really feels
Answered Mar 11, 2010
RIGHT NOW IT SOUNDs like you just need to savor your great friendship with her and maybe in the longrun she'll ask you out
Answered Apr 03, 2010
i am a girl so just be youself I agree with blakey tell her she looks pretty no matter how hard it is it will pay off
and remember girls love guys who caan make them laugh so work on that
i know exactly how you feel and if you are in school this could realy be the reason why....This girl might be in a difrent click then you. so what realy helps alot is to hangout with not just her but more of her friends and it will help you kind of eas in to her click.. the reason why I know this helps is becous I have been to all kinds of schools and girls dont like to bewith people out side of thier click becous they are afrade of what people might say. AND DONT TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY THAT IS JUST HIGH SCHOOL but give it a try it will help.
i am sure you have tride all of the stuff theas people have said if you do it she will think you are wierd I am serious lol just benice to her but not to nice just be your self around her friends to and start listening to the same typ of music she listens to . and dont suffucate her that would not help iether.
get to know her a lil btter
Answered May 25, 2010
i doubt it will work out (btw im a girl)
i used 2 date my best friend (whose a guy)
and I only said yes cuz I felt sry 4 him...
so yeah we broke up cuz I didnt like him in THAT way.
just in a frnd way
Answered Jul 12, 2010
comlemet her, ALOT ,I am a guy so this is somewhat from a P.O.V. close to a yours. Talk to her every chance you get, get to her friends/family, and know EVRYTHINH she likes
Answered Nov 30, 2012
Text her some really sweet stuff, and always be there for her. When she looks a little bit sad, ask her why and try and comfort her. Then slowly let her see that you love her, and hopefully she will love you back! Just don't rush it, be really sweet and say some cute things to her like : you look amazing today x or : can you help me, your so good at that! Play to her strengths, so if she's really good at a subject, ask her for help, or praise her lots!
My boyfriend is the sweetest guy alive, and I love it when he says good morning beautiful! Or something like that! Maybe put kisses on the ends of your texts? Not too many though until u go out with her! Trust me I am a girl so I know what girls like
Answered Apr 20, 2013
Okay I'm a girl so this is easy. Compliment her but don't go overboard like saying I like your hair...I like your eyes....Just act natural. Make jokes around her but not like gross one you would say with your friends. Don't show off and make yourself seem cooler...
Answered Sep 12, 2014
Im a girl I say just say shes beautiful and know what shes into
Answered Nov 18, 2014
fuck her that's what I did
Answered Mar 14, 2018

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