Im in a relationship but another man has said he likes me wat should I do?

im in a relationship and we have a 3 year old daughter,but the atmosphere and day to day life is realy dull. my partner does not work loves his marijuana and sleeps in every day.
Asked Feb 28, 2010
dull doesn't seem a bad enough situation to break up when there is a kid involved. if your kid is 3 then you have probably been with this guy for at least that long and things can get dull with any relationship after years pass. maybe tell your guy that you want him to find a way to spice things up that he thinks you will be into. don't tell him there is someone else because that will create negative feelings when you are trying to make things better. if he is lazy but gets a fair share done then try to let him be. all of us work at our own pace. maybe you can ask him to take you and your daughter out once a month- something that he arranges. maybe you need to go out with your own friends more or take up some kind of interest that you can do without him and leave him to take care of your girl. if you feel that you are doing all the work in the relationship- bringing in the $, taking care of your daughter, and taking care of the home- tell him you need his help more and ask him what he thinks he can do to help. if he helps come up with a solution he is more likely to follow through and have a positive attitude toward it. times are tough and jobs aren't as available right now so he might have given up hope for looking for a job. ask him what obstacles are making it hard for him to find a job and see if you can better understand where he is coming from. tell him straight out that you are bored with life and want the family to do something fun.
dumping a guy that you have a kid with creates a whole lot of obstacles- like visitation, where your kid will go to school, her friendships, jealousy between you and the father, keeping the father in your daughter's life if he starts a new life with someone else. . . so many other little things that you don't realize until it is too late. it is definitely worth the effort to try and work things out with your current fella, especially if it is just to see if something else might work.
Answered Feb 28, 2010

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