How do I build a website

How does one build a website? What software to use? Will be using mysql as the database. But what should I use for the frontend? Will need a section to present content, have Q&A, images, etc.,
Asked Feb 25, 2010
Answered Feb 26, 2010

check this website..

there, you would find link to "create your website by 3.45" by chris farrell.. you can download the pdf for free.. I m sure it would help!
Answered Jun 09, 2010
I will suggest that only take the risk of making a website on you own if you are very good at it. Other wise go to some website and download a free or paid website template and start working with it. Following are some helpful links for that purpose.
Answered Aug 30, 2011
HTML, CSS and JavaScript are basic blocks of building a website. If you know about back-end languages, that's the better thing.
Answered Jun 05, 2013
Edited Jun 07, 2013
There are a lot of website creators that have emerged over the past few years that enable you to build websites without knowing how to code. They programmed the website building software so now you literally just have to use your mouse and drag a slideshow, a block of text, images, videos, into the website. You can then insert your own text, upload your own pictures, insert your own videos (such as YouTube), and click publish. That’s it
Answered Jul 23, 2016
Here is a very good article for creating professional looking and fully functional website:
Answered Nov 25, 2016
It totally depends on what kind of website you want to build and if you basically try to build a variation of something that is already out there or if your website will be 100% unique and original.

In general you have more or less three options:

1. Take a hosted website solution that offers what you need and optionally customize it a little bit so that it receives a unique feel.

2. If there exists a Content Management System (short CMS) for what you want to create, you could get a hosting plan and install it yourself and then customize it.

3. Write your own solution either completely from the ground up or using some of the web application frameworks out there (Django, Ruby On Rails, Symfony, ...)

As you've probably guessed by now, the complexity increases with each those options but also offers you far more means to create something totally unique. Besides the complexity this added flexibility comes at another cost: You will have to learn more.

The customization options in (1) in most cases can be summed up as "Change the colors" and perhaps also allow you to modify font-size, paddings, margins, etc. using a technology named CSS.

With (2) you will probably also want to dig a little bit into HTML and to some degree the language in which the tool you're using was originally written, so that you can create addons for that CMS.

Finally with (3) the sky is the limit but depending on the features you want and your prior experience it can take a long time to implement them.

Which route you take depends mostly on the website you want to create and how much time and effort you want to invest. If you have only a very limited amount of time or simply don't want to learn about all the stuff that happens in the background, (1) and (2) will probably be the right choices for you.

But if you have very specific wishes that could only be realized by nearly rewriting the tool you've chosen (2) , (3) might become an option for you.

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Answered Mar 29, 2017
First, you need to get a domain name and hosting then you can easily create a website in WordPress.
Answered Jan 23, 2018

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