After preparing dough, can it then be frozen for a time, before use?

Asked Feb 25, 2010
You've already asked this question. Granted it was about cheesecake specifically, it applies to all doughs. Please stop double posting, you're lowering your own rep and will soon lose the ability to post at all. Thank you.
Answered Feb 25, 2010
I posted my question a second time because after a while I was unable to find the answer. It seemed to have dissapeared??? Also, I thought "cheese" was different than other doughs?
hk Feb 25, 2010
The last one was removed because it's seen as a double post because it's the same as your cheesecake post. In terms of this question, the cheese does not make a difference. The only difference the cheese makes from regular cake dough is that it would go bad if just left sitting out, but you're asking about freezing it, thus it's the same scenario, cheese or no cheese.

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