I am 30 year old still not married. What is an ideal age for marriage?

Asked Feb 23, 2010
Edited Feb 23, 2010
There is none. Marriage is a sacred bond between two people who deeply love and care about each other. If you find that at 18, then it's ideal at 18. If you find that at 80, then it's ideal at 80. Just concentrate on finding the right man/woman for you, don't worry about marriage, you'll know it's right when you find the right person.
Answered Feb 23, 2010
There is no magical number. When the time is right for you, you'll know.
Answered Mar 27, 2010
well about 26 but ur just a little bit over tht soooo ur fine. ps: u can also go on a dateing website if u dont want to be lonley. pss im only 14 and a girl sooo I dont know tht much about tht stuff but tht advise I gave u is pretty good advise!!!GOOD LUCK!!! =-)
Answered Mar 27, 2010
when u find true love thats when age is but a #
Answered Apr 20, 2010
when you are ready and have found the right person then your ready. there is no age unless your under 18. you will know when you are ready to marry.
Answered May 24, 2010
25 to28 or 30 35
Answered Aug 07, 2010
It depends how many kids you want still living at home when you it 50. In most cases you want all the kids out of the house by then.
Answered Dec 24, 2010
In some ways, all the answers above are correct.
But some would say 30's is a good starting point as by then you should know what you want in a marriage partner and can sometimes avoid the ones who aren't right for you, and also avoid some of the mistakes you may have made if you had married young (though a lot still DO marry young and manage to see it through to the end of their lives, but sadly that's not always the case...even in marriages that take place a lot later in life).
Obviously, this is a little different if you're a woman who may want children sometime, as the 'biological clock' is often heard to be ticking at that age, so time might seem to be shorter.
But marriage in itself is not the 'be all, and end all' of everything, you can live together without marriage quite easily as many will tell you.
All in all, just be happy and hopefully the right person will come along one day..it happened to me, and I had to wait many many years for it, (despite being divorced once already) but now I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life.
I'm sure it'll happen to you.. if you let it.
Good luck.
Answered Feb 14, 2011
No ideal age..
Answered Apr 19, 2012

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