How do you download songs onto an mp3 player?

Is there a particular site one would suggest to select a variety of songs? Is there more than one way to do it? I'm trying to find out how to download the songs from an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop onto a Nextar mp3 player. Thank-you for your time and advice.
Asked Feb 22, 2010
Plug the USB into the computer. From there, open your media player of preference (Media Monkey, Windows Media Player, or iTunes [it has to be a media player which supports external device syncing like the three I suggested]), and depending on the media player you choose, you put the music onto the device.
Answered Feb 23, 2010
If you want to download music onto an mp3 player, you'd better try Streaming Audio Capture which is very good to do it.

The music you need to download will sync onto your mp3 player when you play it on the computer. And the downloaded music is with 1:1 high quality.

This URL below will show you how to download music onto mp3 player with it step by step. Hope it will help you.
Answered Jan 20, 2011

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