Interview questions for mentally retarded child?

hi!!!...what are the basic interview questions for mentally retarded child?..possible questions that would not offend him??..i'm making a case study, that would be passed by next week..
Asked Feb 19, 2010
An interview? Sounds general. You might be amazed with how much you can learn from those who are"mentally retarded". We all store our information and recall differently. We absorb things different ways and at different paces. Some register quickly, but one thing at a time. some seem stumped, while, really, so much is dawning on them suddenly. Also, there's the matter of interest, discipline. The genetic defects I don't completely understand. I've hung out with a group of mentally retarded people before. Thought I was helping THEM. What a RANGE of personalities, levels of disabilities and amazing intelligence. How ENLIGHTENING for some of us ignorant people. They were all different ages. This one kid- probably about 16 years old... we're all at the bowling alley, right? Dude is drooling like every other minute. Had a couple other ticks.Now that we have that established let's delete that for a while and shine him in his brightest light.(FIRST). Which actually is quite easy to do. He was extremely enthusiastic.Had a large variety of interests. Outgoing kinda guy. Highstrung yet, he chose to be pretty self contained.Typically drawn to females, very boyish, masculine, not really muscular, but seemed strong and healthy in alota ways. Respectful. Well rounded cared for, maybe even extra pampered, yet I sensed a little neediness, (but aren't most guys). He was drawn to a particular style, He had longish hair, wore rock shirts and, man, if you got talkin to him about music he could take almost any song, name the musicians of each band, their instruments. He was very opinionated and high spirited. Really cool guy.Like I said, too, he drooled a lot, stuttered big time and for an instant, even to a deep thinker, he might not seemed quite "there" ,but oh, contrare (SPELL?), He was somewhat beyond in ways. I almost expected him turn to me and say "Welcome grasshopper", Hhmm what shall I teach you today?" He was compassionate to others around him. I enjoyed talking with him. Even arguing points of views were fun. Look past the surface, kaloy, and enjoy your guest while interviewing him. Why focus on the disabilities. Esteem always seems to enable most people.Give people strength help them feel their self worth strenghth them How misunderstood so many of us are. One more opportunity to make the world a lovelier place to live.
Answered Feb 20, 2010
"contrare (SPELL?)" It's contrary. You were very close.
Thank-you, Oni_Kami. Knew it was something like that.
Any time.

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