Screen face down.

My lil brother was using my pc for a few minutes to play online but suddenly he noticed me that the screen was bad... it has turned face down, I can't find anything useful in the properties, I tried turning off the pc but the problem persists... There's a solution for my problem? What I must to do to solve this annoyance?
Asked Feb 19, 2010
Face down? that means the part that faces you is now pointed down at the ground. If that's the case, just pick it up again. If you mean upside down, then try holding down control (ctrl) and pressing the down arrow on the keyboard. That's the default keyboard shortcut for the intel graphics software screen rotation to return to 0° (right side up). If that doesn't work, try doing ctrl up arrow, that's meant to flip it to 180°, although I may have them reversed, or if something else has flipped your screen, that should flip it back. If this doesn't fix it, then try checking the graphics properties in the Control Panel in the Start Menu.
Answered Feb 19, 2010

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