Why wont it let me play a game once I already installed it

when I played a game it said that I need to install a flash player so I did then it said install complete so I went back to the game and it still would not let me play
Asked Feb 18, 2010
Edited Feb 18, 2010
What happened when you went back to it? You say it still wouldn't let you play, but what did it say?
Have you run the Java flash player after you installed it?
Please check, or install it again and run it this time.

Virus control could also be the problem. Check if your game program is being blocked by your virus control.

Good luck. :]
Answered Feb 19, 2010
for me it said: Login Failor- Try Again please help also if you want to fix the login error keep doing it but then it will say login failor- try again if you get in how you fix?
Answered Aug 30, 2012
i know why. because computers are the fat middle age retards of the planet earth
Answered Jan 11, 2013

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