I am doing a science project thing and I need help making a hypothesis, a little help?

my project is about bacteria. I have to do it on that topic, and I cant think of any possible hypothesis on that topic?!?
Asked Feb 15, 2010
first you should know what a hypothesis is
and it is a prediction made in your knowladge
on the topic now the second thing woul dbe you should know
what the topic is in order to know anything about itttt your very welcome
Answered Feb 15, 2010
a hypothesis is not like a conclusion it is what ur thoughts on what will happen before u carry out the actual experiment nd find out :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Sep 15, 2010
1st the hypotheses is an unproved theory or point of view put forward.

2nd u should really understand the topic and predict if bacteria is helpful or harmful?

3rd actually the bacteria doesnt cause disease. In fact they are helpful beacuz they make certain vitamins, including vitamin K.

4th the large intestine contains those bacteria that feed on the material (wastes) passing through.

I hope I helped u :)
Answered Feb 17, 2012
A hYpothesis Is An Educated Guess. So It`s Bascically Like Your Guesing how your experment is going to come out and your prediction is what really happen and you write it down.
Answered Jan 13, 2013

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