What are good jobs that involve talking and advicing people that pay good money

i want a good job not too stressing,that pays good money and you can advice people and talk
Asked Feb 14, 2010
No such job exists. There are jobs such as psychiatrist or counselor, but they don't pay well. There's another job right on the tip of my tongue, but it doesn't pay well either, but I'm frustrated that I'm forgetting the name of it. But anyways, a job like that is just a pipe dream really. Why not just ask for a job that doesn't involve any work and gets you a million dollars an hour?
Answered Feb 15, 2010
Well theres a counsuler, motivational speaker,phycologist, Teachers, well they should get better paid for what they do. thats all I have. also It depends on what kind of degree you have also. you can move up the ladder if you have a great degree. Thats all I have.
Answered Feb 28, 2010
a speaker, marketing and adevertising
Answered Jan 04, 2011
Edited Jan 04, 2011
Answered Jun 23, 2013
There are many jobs that involve giving advice. Advisers to national leaders on many different subjects, financial advisers and counselors are among a few. How much you would get paid would depend on your knowledge of the subject and the quality of the advice you give.
Answered Jun 23, 2013

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