How can I get my 5 month old to drink her milk calmly

my baby loses interest in her milk and starts to fidget its worrying me as she isn't getting enough milk, any suggestions as to what may help
Asked Feb 12, 2010
if she has been keeping a decent weight till now then she probably knows how to regulate herself and will eat when she needs to. maybe she is teething. this is also the age when their awareness starts to expand more so she might just be interested in other things going on. try feeding her in a dark, quiet room and see if that helps. also, you can try writing down when she eats and try spacing her feedings out a little more so she is a bit hungrier when you feed her and is more focused. another possibility is that she has thrush or an ear infection that makes swallowing uncomfortable. if she has thrush, you will see white inside her mouth. if she has an ear infection, it generally will go away in short order and unless she also has a fever is not something to worry about.
Answered Feb 28, 2010

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