I am using a pair of bose computer speakers for my computer that have no sub

I also have an old fender bass cab with a 15 inch eminence speaker that I mainly use as a cart for my guitar interface, mics, rokits,etc It's just a speaker no amp. I was wondering if there is a little amp I could plug to my computer with some kind of crossover with maybe like a lowpass switch and run it to the cab to give my computer a little more thump.I just thought it would be convenient because its sitting right there already
Asked Feb 11, 2010
Edited Feb 12, 2010
You don't need any sort of crossover, just hook it up normally. You'll want to plug the computer in as a Line-In. If your amp doesn't have a line-in, then just do it to the regular input. As for the low pass filter, you shouldn't need one, it should just run fine on it's own. If you google, "How to use a guitar amp as a computer speaker" you will find all the results are people explaining that it works as is.
Answered Feb 11, 2010
Thank you Oni_Kami but I wasn't clear enough in my question. there is no amp just a 1x15 cab.Sorry I have edited my question since then.
scott64 Feb 12, 2010
Haha, no problem, I'll edit my answer later today to address your question.
Invariably there can come a time when you no longer can hear sound come from your computer speakers. Check your computer hardware and operating system settings before calling a technician.

Answered Jun 19, 2014

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