CamStudio Audio record from speakers is not working.

For CamStudio, Whenever I try to switch it to record from the speakers I get this message "WaceoutGetSelectControl() failed" Any idea as to why and how I can fix it?
Asked Feb 08, 2010
I have the same problem its fresh installed and doesnt work, the setups are working fine with standard winodws progrtramms so whats the matter here ?
i dont want to use other progs, this one seems fine and I also installed the newest codecs this is not the probelmn, who can help >???
Sounds to me like a coding error. First you should make sure you have the most recent up to date version of CamStudio, and if that doesn't fix it, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it. If you can't get it working, try another program. RoboCam, HyperCam, and FRAPS all do the same thing, try one of those.
Answered Feb 09, 2010
In CamStudio, goto Options/Audio Options/Audio Options for speakers. In the drop down box at the top it should have the name of the audio device it has detected on your system. If there is no device listed or it's the wrong device, that's the problem. If the correct device is there, there may be something in your audio device that isn't compatable with CamStudio.
Answered Jul 14, 2010

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