Can you replace evaporated milk for heavy whipping cream in a bakery recipe?

Asked Feb 06, 2010
No way, the two are completely different things. One's a liquid, dehydrated into a powder, not to mention it's milk. The other is cream, mixed with a few other ingredients, and then whipped at a high speed and temperature for long periods of time, turning it into "whipping cream." replacing either one with the other would never work.

Though depending on the recipe, if the heavy whipping cream just goes on top of whatever you're baking, not actually in it, then it's purely optional.
Answered Feb 06, 2010
Yes you can. Check out this website
Answered Jul 19, 2010
No you cannot. Evaporated milk is usually stored in a sealed can and is usually thicker than the fresh milk. However, many people prefer buying evaporated milk as it can be stored for a longer time, and it doesn’t need refrigeration until the can is opened.
Answered Mar 09, 2011
Edited Mar 09, 2011
In sauces and soups yes, equal portions of either. Not when baking, evaporated milk can not be substituted for heavy cream, and you can't whip evaporated milk. You can make milk into heavy cream, 1/4 butter and 3/4 whole milk brings the fat content of milk to that of heavy cream about 36 % butter fat. You can whip or blend this substitute.
Answered Jun 14, 2012
Edited Jun 14, 2012

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