Examples of a metaphor

metaphor- a figure of speech that mkes a comparison between two unlike things using words such as like,as,resemble,than,etc.
Asked Feb 02, 2010
Correction, it's a comparison between two things WITHOUT using the words like or as. I say this because a) They don't have to be unlike things, they can be similar, and b) they cannot use like or as, and c) they can use resemble, than, etc... just not like or as.
The internet is the information superhighway. The internet is not actually a highway, let alone a superhighway, and there's no like or as in this, thus it's a metaphor.

Women are onions, they're full of layers and make you cry. Again, women are not actually onions, nor does this have "like" or "as" in it, so this is another metaphor.

How many do you need? I can do this all night.
Answered Feb 02, 2010
they dont use like or as the king was a lion the king isnt realy a lion but he acts like one
Answered Oct 21, 2011

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