Problems with hepatitis c second stage, brown urine, very bad fatigue stress level up back pain

Leg pain and problems moving around,stay in chair almost all day even taking hydrochloride only allows 3 or 4 hours to try cook and clean for family pain in right side and lower abdomen constipation has become worst. I am really worried I lost my brother 3 years from this disease and took care of him until his death and have noticed symptoms he suffered before death.
Asked Jan 30, 2010
Edited Jan 30, 2010
Well first of all you need to go to the doctor. I have hep c as well, I was in the hospital because it got so bad that I went into acute liver failure. So I was down for about 3 months. My doctor gave me lactolose for the constipation. You really need to clean you system out because of the toxicans, they are building up in your system and they need to be out of you that is why you feel the way that you do. Your body needs to realse all of that. So if you cann't get to the doctors right away then just go to a drug store and get laxatives. Good luck and God Bless you!! you and your family will be in my prayers.
Carleen Jojola-Griego
Answered Jun 15, 2010
I was diagnosed as HEPATITIS B carrier in 2013 with fibrosis of the
liver already present. I started on antiviral medications which
reduced the viral load initially. After a couple of years the virus
became resistant. I started on HEPATITIS B Herbal treatment from
ULTIMATE LIFE CLINIC ( in March, 2020. Their
treatment totally reversed the virus. I did another blood test after
the 6 months long treatment and tested negative to the virus. Amazing
treatment! This treatment is a breakthrough for all HBV carriers.
Answered Jul 20, 2021

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