How do I find a specialist to remove my hernia mesh?

I have a hernia mesh which has been recalled and has been nothing but problems since I got it. I have severe belly pain,fevers,obstructions,rashes, pulling,poking, can't bend and burning pain on my skin at the site. However I canot find a surgeon that will remove this mesh as they will need to remove a good chunk of muscle with it. I am constantly on strong narcotic pain pills and can't sleep becuz of them. I want to get rid of this and get my life back without relying on all these pills!! I was told I will need a mesh removal specialist to get it out. where are these specialists?? I am willing to fly OUT of state if needed. PLZ HELP ME TO GET MY LIFE BACK????????
Asked Jan 28, 2010
Edited Jan 28, 2010
Have you found an answer yet? My sister lives in the Orlando area and she needs to get that mesh removed too.....but no doctor wants to help. She is willing to fly out of state too. I hope for all of you women suffering from this "mesh mess" that we find answers and GOOD doctors. Best! Andi

There are only a few surgeons in the United States capable of such a complex operation. Outcomes vary case-by-case. I had a mesh removal and repair of a recurrent, and I'm actually in worse shape now than previously. I recommend staying away from any "dual mesh" systems. I would consider Dr. David Grischkan in Ohio or Dr. Parviz Amid. You can contact either via email, and I would send your post operative report if possible. I considered both surgeons for my second surgery but stopped and chose one just short of seeing them. Worst mistake I've ever made.
Answered Mar 30, 2010
Sincerely it is conclusive to me that the mess is in me, and it has disabled my health. I'm making the biggest effort to live with the constant pain and side effects. It is my expectation that the condition will continue. The quality of my life is, and has been quite limited and degenerated due to this Kugel Mesh. So, as disasterous as this is, remain positive. The depression is so severe, I got counseling for it, positively something will help me. The pain limits all of my activity, even standing or sitting. I'm up and down carefully.
Answered Dec 04, 2013
The development of a hernia may be preceded by anything that increases the pressure inside the abdomen, such as coughing, straining when opening bowels or passing urine, vomiting or lifting.

The only way to repair a hernia is with surgery. This can be performed with either open or laparoscopic surgery. The most suitable approach depends upon the hernia, your other medical conditions and any previous surgery. However, not all hernias need surgery immediately. If a hernia is small in size, and if it doesn’t cause much discomfort or pain then sometimes it is reasonable not to perform surgery. However, it is essential to carefully observe any change in size. If the hernia is causing pain, increasing in size or causing blockages of the bowel then you should consult a doctor and have it fixed.

There are trained surgeons in Sydney Australia capable of such a complex operation.For more information you can visit Hernia surgery Sydney.
Answered Jan 20, 2017

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