How is accounting for a partnership different from accounting for a corporation?

how is accounting for a partnership different from accounting for a corporation?
Asked Jan 26, 2010
Partnership deed is a document holding an agreement that describe the rights and duties of each partner joining partnership business.
Answered May 18, 2016
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The major difference between partnership and corporate accounting is income tax and equity accounts. Also, it differs in their structure, corporate being more complex and including more people in the decision-making process. Also, both are different in Liability, startup costs, management. Whenever you are thinking to start a business it is very necessary to understand the difference between them. For example, if you are applying for accountant jobs then firstly read all the major benefits that you can get by getting a job as an accountant.
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The two critical differences between partnership and corporate accounting involve income taxes and equity accounts.

From a corporate accounting point of view, corporations must track income tax liabilities, make periodic deposits, if required, and at year-end, issue 1099s to stockholders receiving dividends and W-2s to officers or employees receiving salaries. while Partnership accounting involves maintaining a separate account for each partner to record earnings as well as any loans or draws the partner might take against earnings.

Corporations do not create a separate equity account for each stockholder. Instead, equity is typically recorded as a bulk amount in the capital stock account under stockholders’ equity.

Noncash contributions are booked at fair market value. Contributions may occur at start-up or at any time during the life of the partnership. The withdrawal accounts record the distributions each partner receives. The method of distribution depends on the terms of the partnership agreement.

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