How much time will take to reach the light rays from sun to earth

Asked Jan 23, 2010
Edited Jan 23, 2010
Well, the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s (meters per second, not miles).

Now here's where things get a little complicated. Earth's orbit around the sun is not a circle, it's an oval. I don't know the CURRENT distance between the sun and Earth, but the AVERAGE distance is 149,600,000,000 meters.

Well distance equals speed times time, so time equals distance over speed. So we do 149,600,000,000 meters divided by 299,792,458 m/s which gives us 499 seconds, otherwise known as 8 minutes 19 seconds. That's how long it takes light to go from the sun to Earth.
Answered Jan 23, 2010
299,792,458 m/s which gives 499 sec.otherwise 8 minutes 19 seconds
Answered Feb 15, 2013

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