Why does my video lag?

ok, i recently downloaded camstudio and when i was watching the vids i was recording they were lagapalooza but on the normal screen i had no lag, not even a drop of lag rain, any help peeps?
Asked Jan 22, 2010
Lagapalooza? That's some very technical terminology you're using there... hahaha
Sounds to me like your video card isn't supported. Basically, your video card doesn't work with Camstudio. Part of the way Camstudio works is it reads the data sent to the video card to go to the display, and instead stores that data in a file on your hard drive. Now if you have a video card that doesn't work with Camstudio, Camstudio will have a difficult time interpreting the data, thus it will not record properly.
Answered Jan 23, 2010

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