How to become a web designer?

ok i need to know how to become a web desinger what do i have to do and how do i do it. and how much would it cost to become one. would it make me a decent amount of money over time or just a few dollars.
Asked Jan 22, 2010
I learned HTML, CSS, PHP. and I also want to make my own website with heavy interesting way. But when I saw its too hazards process of making, designing website, buying domain and then publish it.

I heard about makeanysite. I just put my email and password and do only few formalities after that I got my website. Really amazing service as well as attractive look and feel with furnished WordPress themes. and many more advance features.
I am really very glad to access all source code and CSS Layout. Makeanysite will allow you to add unlimited number of web pages in your site. Only you have to pay for hosting space.

So once look ahead with Makeanysite
Well for starters, you need a good web design program. I personally use Adobe Golive, however the current standard seems to be Adobe Dreamweaver. You really should try to get the most recent version (CS4). You also need to learn HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and preferably java. Flash can help, but a good website that doesn't use Flash is more impressive than one that does. Once you've done all this, start with a few small time clients from like Craig's List, and then you'll get your business from your clients telling two friends, who will each tell two friends, etc... The nice thing about web design is you don't need a fancy computer or a lot of hard drive space for it. Make sure you make a web site for yourself first. Also you need to learn about domain names, hosting, and servers. Make a few practice sites before you try to take on a client. The more clients you get, the more your portfolio grows, the more people will be interested. And lastly, the key to a web design business is contracts. You agree for a starting amount (depending on the amount of work involved), and you get half of it right away, and the other half after you finish the website. Part of the agreement is one year of free maintenance (this includes updates). So you also agree on a going rate for updates and other such maintenance on a monthly basis that does not begin till 365 days after the contract is signed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I was a web designer for a short time myself. Oh and it helps to have a friend who will do some cheap graphic design for you.
Answered Jan 22, 2010
ok thank you for that info but i dont have a friend that would know anything about web desing what should i do about that
I didn't say anything about having a friend that knows web designing, I said you should have a friend who does graphic design. It's one thing to put a web site together, but it's a huge pain in the butt to make backgrounds and buttons and stuff like that. Get someone to make the images for you, your job is to just put them together on the website.
Ask_Sean Says,

Thats a really good Website (plus it's free)

Or you can pay for more features (thats if you want!)
Answered Sep 15, 2010

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