When was Justin Bieber born?

Asked Jan 21, 2010
Edited Apr 04, 2010
15 years old.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/justinbieber
Answered Jan 21, 2010
March, 14, 1994
Answered Jan 24, 2010
March 1st, not 14th.
justin bieber was born in 1994 in canada march first and he is 16 thank yall.
Answered Mar 20, 2010
justin bieber is 16 and he is born in 1994in camada and if u do not like him to bad for u hahahah
Answered Apr 07, 2010
Edited Apr 07, 2010
Not really jenny1314 not everyone has to like him so why would it be too bad?
he's a normal human being not an alien who came down to earth why are people so obsessed with him ohh dear get over it.
justin born in March 1, 1994 and the state name is canada
Answered Apr 09, 2010
Edited Apr 09, 2010
Why on Earth do you guys keep reposting the same information over and over? Oh and by the way linhtran, Canada's a country, not a state.
I was about to say that lmao
you only need to sya it once as long as it is right..
boydje Apr 17, 2010
Exactly! I'm glad some people get it.
justin wuz born in 1994 march 1st not the 14th cause he just turned sixteen a month ago
Answered Apr 18, 2010
Edited Apr 18, 2010
That's already been posted 3 times, why do you insist on pushing a point that's already been made?
haha no its march fourteen ... haha from ; emmjhaay
Answered Apr 26, 2010
Care to site a source? 'Cause according to Wikipedia, it's the 1st.