What does part mean?

What does part mean?
What does the word part actualy mean?

Asked Jan 21, 2010
Part as a noun is a piece of something. A puzzle piece is a part of a puzzle. A hard drive is part of a computer. It is an independent item that is incomplete by itself, but can be combined with other items to create a complete product.

Part as a verb is to split a piece of something. When Moses struck the rock and lead the Jews through the Red Sea (or whichever sea it was), Moses PARTED the sea. If you take a pie and you cut a slice off a pie, you are parting the pie by taking a part off of it.

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Answered Jan 21, 2010
I can give you exact example like Your hand leg both are body parts as you can say mobile battery this mobile accessories as well as just like septic tank, hiblow it is a part of septic tank.
Answered Aug 17, 2015

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