How many polar bears are left on earth?

Asked Jan 21, 2010
20,000 to 25,000 bears with about sixty percent of those living in Canada.

Answered Jan 21, 2010
the population is around 19 - 20 thousand polar bears left in the world. but, there population is rapidly decreasing because their homes and habitats are slowly melting. we should do something NOW! not just put them in zoo's and hope they'll live!
Answered May 17, 2010
Actually if the temperature of the Earth went up, and the ice did start to melt, it wouldn't affect the polar bears at all. They live on the land in zoos so they would be able to get used to living on the land. Many polar bears spend the summer on land. Also, polar bears in the zoo eat fish, fruits and vegetables, so even though this isn't what they normally eat, they could get used to it. Also, they could still eat seals without any ice. So, if the globe really is warming, we don't have to worry about polar bears.

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