What can I do if am married and have a child but am cheatting and am staring to like the other guy

i have my husband but im cheatting on him with my sister in law brother but now is been like two weeks now and im staring to like the other guy but i know is nothing serious because we talk about this when we stared and i have a little girl but i only want to talk to him and sometimes i dont want to be with my husband but i dont know what to do wiht this relationship please tell what can i do
Asked Jan 19, 2010
Edited Jan 19, 2010
STUPID!Your sure when you married this guy you liked him!Anyway "shorty" tell the guy,it will be beter than when he finds out.
kpike Jan 27, 2010
kpike, don't post answers in comments, post them as answers.
Rachel Feb 03, 2010
Rachel, Ono_Kami is right, it will make this site more organized and more readable.
Ryan Feb 03, 2010
And to add on to what Ryan said, also please turn caps lock off.
seek a shrink and a good lawyer.....trust me, your gonna need it!
Answered Jan 26, 2010
Shame on you for cheating on your husband, shame on you. It's a horrible thing to do. There's absolutely never any reason to cheat on anyone. I don't care if your husband is beating you and cheating on you himself, then what you do is you divorce him and then see other people. But to cheat on someone is never acceptable. Absolutely inappropriate in any situation. You never mentioned your husband cheating on you, so I'm assuming he isn't, so he should divorce you, get custody, and you shouldn't get anything and never get to see your daughter again. Shame on you. I have absolutely NO tolerance for infidelity whether it's a relationship, or marriage, unless both members of the relationship agree on it ahead of time (like you and your husband got together [before any of this happened] and agreed that the two of you could see other people). I hate people that cheat on others.
Answered Jan 19, 2010
Gee, Oni... Judge much? Hate much? It's alright to have your opinions, but wow - you are a harsh person! I think you need some tolerance in your life.
eghall Jan 28, 2010
Well now you're judging me. Congratulations on being a hypocrite.
Excellent point. But I do think you could be a little more empathetic.
eghall Jan 28, 2010
Why? Because someone is going behind their partner's back? Making life more difficult for their own child? There is absolutely no justification for what she did, and thus deserves no sympathy or remorse or any kind. She only deserves to have her family leave her and never speak to her again.
onikami u is really getting on my @%$# nerves i see u every were
cam15 Feb 03, 2010
You go head n tell your husband (yourself) as a women in as the women your husband thought you where. it's going 2 hurt him no matter what 6ut it would kill him if he found out 6y anyone other than you. he deserves that and he deserves to know (y) so that he can understand it n move on with his life as u have done.

Answered Jan 19, 2010
Edited Jan 19, 2010
Oh honey , I can understand you . You should what your hormonies want to do. But you gotta know that your child will come to harm so think about your child and give chance your husband if you dont please tell the truth to him .
Answered Jan 19, 2010
So it's hormonies is it? Can't say I'd suggest you just follow their lead and just ignore those pesky STD's.... However, truth is usually the best recourse. Having said that, I really hope you aren't cheating because he's off working and 'not there for you'. I hear that phrase from a lot of women and think it's the lamest excuse someone could use for deceiving a partner while they are focused on the good of their family.
TomALT May 19, 2010
do tell but hope he forgives you because you have kids and those should be your most prize posetion do it for your beautiful children
Answered Jan 19, 2010
This is a difficult situation because you are concerned about your husband's feelings. I can understand that. It still remains true though that he deserves the truth as your partner and father of your child. You need to stop seeing this other man and then you need to come clean with your husband. It is not going to be easy but it is more sensible than torturing yourself and potentially torturing your family with guilt and resentment. The other guy, if he is worth being with you, will wait until you sort things out with your husband and be there should you decide to go through with the divorce. The fact of the matter is, you can't have everything. You can't have a faithful husband, a family, and a little action on the side. That's just not fair to your family, and most of all to your husband, who has vowed to be with only you the rest of his life. Just tell him and take some time to figure what you really want and if you realize you are not in love with your husband anymore, then leave him.
Answered Jan 24, 2010
Well take it from me whats done in the dark will come to the light your best bet is to tell him before he finds out.From experience once you really start to like this other guy you will start to slip up and forget to erase the number,voicemail,text or something.I felt so bad when i did it to my husband i didnt want to look at him or our kids because i knew what i had been out doing.Also that really destroys a mans ego when they learn that another man has been getting their cookies.Leave it alone think at the end of the day whos gonna take care of you and your babie best.
Answered Jan 27, 2010
you cant have ur cake and eat it to..stop the lust because thats what it ball down 2..when you got married you make a commitment 4 better or worst 2 death do us apart ;live by ur vows, and stay with ur husband and dam it only took 2 weeks 4 you 2 notice you really like the guy, are you trying 2 keep it in the family.... stay with ur husband are you thinking about your daughther. how selfelish.....
Answered Jan 28, 2010
I say divorce if the other guy proposes
Answered Jan 31, 2010
Why the heck would you do that I'm not trying to criticize you but just chous which on you like and stay with that ps.think how your kids wild feel if you and your husband divorced.
Answered Feb 03, 2010
Edited Feb 03, 2010
from where im setting HELL is still hot and you got one foot there already. go ahead and put your husband threw hell cause youll be there sooooon enoughf
Answered Feb 16, 2010
Honesty is ALWAYS best. First, be honest with yourself about why you're not happy with your husband. Is he aware that you are not happy? Is he happy? COMMUNICATE with each other. HAve the two of you tried counseling? Do you want to make it work? ALL of these are the sorts of things you should be asking ...and answering. In the meantime....STOP seeing the other guy and TELL him why! If he doesn't understand and give you space...your jumping out of 1 fire into another. How old are you? You sound rather young......maybe you haven't taken or had the time to FIRST discover WHO you are and WHAT you want....before you got married..and had a child. It's never too late...I KNOW THIS ! Good Luck !
Answered Feb 17, 2010
Oni_Kami, I think you you were very thorough, causing her to examine herself. You helped her to empathize even when doing so. Yes, shame on her. Like you said there is no excuse Whatever the situation. Though I've never cheated, or have any tolerance for it, I do not think I should assume what her outcome should be. I wont try to compare faults or measure 'em, but I'm not one to say to each their own,either. However, God Himself gave us choices.This choice she made was a BAD one.She better KNOW that. She should pray for forgiveness. I hope SHE can forgive HERself. Don't go do something stupider.Hey Shorty, the focus should be what damage you've caused to your husband. How is it being dealt with in front of your child? You can't move forward if you relive your past over and over. LEARN from it. You can't move forward if you LIVE in a lie. Be honest. You may lose him.VERY likely. Don't live in that fear of telling him. Just take what you've got coming to you. You were unfaithful!. If you EVER loved him, you need to let Him make the decision of how He feels about disloyalty and you gotta bite the bullet. All you can do is live in the present. You're a Mama. Set a good example. With everything. Do the right thing. Then Handle your faults properly. Be humble. Change. Make and teach apologies. Forgive yourself. Some people make it difficult to be sorry to. If he ever hurt you that's a different issue. NOT an EXCUSE TO CHEAT!. Have more respect for yourself!! RESPECT the man YOU chose to love! I can see why Oni_Kami was so angry about the question you asked.What you did was REALLY wrong and the dilemma you've caused is not yours alone! He was wronged. He's going to feel hurt. Often times, hurt people, HURT PEOPLE. Were you hurt? And two wrong never = a right. It effects all that care for you. You're child is needing role models and might possibly one day be a wife and possibly a Mommy. The option mentioned of prearranged decisions to involve others romantically in your marriage is, in my opinion, (correction), in GOD'S opinion, is definitely NOT okay. Man might have the opportunity to be the head of the household, but marriage is not a man made thing. It's a God made thing who, by the way, created man, in order to glorify Him (God). Anything outside of that is evil and is just one of the many ways the devil deceives the world. Hope this is helpful.-*Stardust
Answered Feb 20, 2010
tell him you don't like him any more and leave him.
Answered Mar 03, 2010
stupid why would you do that
Answered Mar 03, 2010
Edited Mar 03, 2010
Don't let no one tell you are wrong, you are the only one no what ur body needs,wants an what u got to have just be safe protect ur self! but it's hard to look at ur man and tell him the trill is gone in ur marriage. Turst me have been there!
Answered Mar 05, 2010
If you still love your husband then work at making things right in the end youll
hate yourself if you break up the family for a quick fumble think long and hard
before throughing your life away.
Answered Apr 03, 2010
You are a stupid person I hate when people cheat it's like your not married and you are and your some stupid teenager who is cheating on your boyfriend and I agree with ONI Kai 100 perscent
Answered Apr 03, 2010
i know this will be hard to do but its better if u tell the one ur married to ur commited to them, and tell the person ur cheating with ur married, also pray to God for help and forgiveness u could also talk to a pastor,that always helps!
Answered Apr 03, 2010
im 45 years old and I have a child but my husband devorsided me wat do I do ive been with justin for 23 years and now he just does not want to have a realationship with me and I think while we were going out he was cheating with savana his ex coeworker he did come home all sweatie and stuff he said it was from work but hand prints on his back
Answered Apr 05, 2010
I think you should tell him what you are feeling inside. that is the only way to have a safe argument or conversation.
Answered Apr 08, 2010
Get a divorce!
Answered Apr 19, 2010
Edited Apr 19, 2010
There has to be a reason you're cheating on him. you need to sit down and talk about this with him. express your feelings. I am disappointed in you, but we all can't help our feelings. they win over the mind. TALK to your husband and see what's in the best interest of the child. It's a shame you're putting your child through this, but try and find the best possible outcome. Think to yourself. are these feelings youre having for the other guy, feelings feelings or is it just lust?
Answered May 06, 2010
The grass is NOT always greener on the other side. You should end this and work on your marriage if you want to be with your Husband. If you want to throw away your marriage that's up to you the decision is yours. But how would you like it if your Husband had another girl? Or if your daughter later in life was doing this to her Husband or he was cheating on her. YOU SHOULD DO WHAT YOU WOULD WANT DONE TO YOU.
Answered May 24, 2010
Just remember, consequences for every action - GOOD OR BAD.

best of luck.
Answered Jun 01, 2010
Whats done is done. You can not change the decicions you have made, but you can change the dececion you will make from here on. Cheating on your husband was your decicion, bad or good is between you and god. (the one you made your vows to) I am in no position to judge another persons moral fortitude, however I do believe that you should seek to make amends( if possible) after you have consulted with your husband. Tell him if you plan on trying to clean up the mistake you've made and continue your relationship. If reconciliation is not your motive, then continue persuing whatever carnial desires you wish.
Answered Jun 03, 2010
just calm down and the person you had an afire with dump them and say to your husband"I have been waiting to tell you something I have slept with another person im sorry I will never leave you againg im so so so sorry please forgive me"
Answered Jun 03, 2010
keep hold of yourself.your married for cring out loud.
Answered Jun 15, 2010
why are you cheating that was stupid stay with your husband and you have a child don't cheat while you have a child don't put your child throw this
Answered Jul 15, 2010
go and bury your face in shame for asking this foolish question in the marriage institution.
Answered Jul 17, 2010

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