Where i find the camera in my laptop,i want take my picture?window7 OS

Where i find the camera in my laptop,i want take my picture?window7 OS
Asked Jan 14, 2010
Well open My Computer, and you should see some sort of camera listed there. Double click and you will see what your camera sees, and there should be a button in the upper left corner giving you the option to take a picture. It's not actually a button, but just text. Anyways, as for trying to find the camera itself. It will be along the top of the screen, just above the display, in the very center. A laser pointer can help you to see it, just shine it along the top. Please note: lasers are not good for cameras, so just shine it really quick, you'll know it when you see it. Lastly, please understand, even today, not all laptops have built in web cams. You may just not have a camera in your computer.
Answered Jan 15, 2010
yes I do but I dont know how to work it
Answered Jan 24, 2011
thank for knowledge but pls give me total detail
Answered Jan 19, 2012
I've got a Eee net book, but I can't find the camera icon anywhere, does any one know how to get it up that could tell me please?
Answered Jun 05, 2012
now I can get my pictures.
Answered Sep 24, 2012
i cant see in my labtap camera word please help me in skype I have a converse pictcure
Answered Oct 15, 2012
I have a cam, but don't know how to work it.
Answered Jan 30, 2013
i dont know how to work it
Answered Sep 16, 2013
U want to take a picture from your built in camera or a additional camera??If u have a built in camera go to my documents and u will see your built in camera.
Answered Oct 02, 2013
Edited Oct 02, 2013
i am not under standing where camera in laptap
Answered Mar 29, 2014
As far as your problem goes, if I'm understanding your problem correctly, is that you need to possibly have a cord that came with your camera which connects from your camera to your computer or there might be a usb port that flips out from your camera that can be plugged into a usb port on the side, back or front of your computer. Your camera maybe came with a disc that needs to be installed before you can retrieve your photos. The main point that you need to realize is that every camera is different. You should check with the directions that came with your camera and it should direct you on how to get your pictures from your camera to your computer. If you lost those directions the you need to contact the manufacturer of the camera and ask them to wither help you or to send you another copy of the directions.
I hope you get your pictures.

I have a Dell laptop with Windows 8 in it and I'm confused with getting pictures as well, but I think my problem is a bit more complex than yours is. I have a built-in camera in my laptop but when I take a picture of myself with it I have no idea where the picture goes when I take a photo with it because it is not in my pictures folder and I try to search for it in the downloads folder too and it is not there either. So, where are the picture at that I take with my built-in camera and how can I get them to my pictures folder so I can do something else with them?
This is very aggravating.
Answered Jun 20, 2014
how I take picture wid my laptop on facebook how do I ture my lenvo laptop camera on on facebook when am ttaking picure
Answered Nov 06, 2014
click on your start button and type camera your web cam will open
Answered Jul 06, 2015
Open my computer and you should see camera (of some kind) listed in your main drop down menu.
Answered Jul 06, 2015
my camera not found win 10
Answered Oct 17, 2017

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