How to solve Haiti's situation

The devastation caused by the January 12, 2010, earth quake opens up the eyes of the world to the devastating poverty faced by millions of Hatians. Attribuiting this poverty to natural causes denies the fact that Haiti has already been the poorest country of the hemisphere for many centuries, a fact that most of the world has chosen to ignore. I personally attribute the roots of Haiti's poverty not to the earth quake, but to centuries old socio-political, economic and religious causes. However, this unfortunate set of circumstances that Haiti nows face, affords the world the unique opportunity and the responsability to permanently rebuild this crumbling nation. In my opinion, the first thing that needs to be done is for foreing countries to forgive the external debt of the island. Secondly, the infrastructure needs to be rebuilt with better roads, schools, and hospitals; and this in return, will create a lot of jobs that will permanently improve the country's economy. It is important to note, that the international aid being received needs to be overseed by foreign agencies to ensure that these funds will truly reach the people. Religious changes need to include the preaching of the gospel of love, peace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ so that many souls can be saved. Another thing that will empower Haitians to compete with the rest of the hemisphere, will be to implement education that will emphatize the teaching of English and Spanish. Being the only country in the hemisphere that speaks French hasn't helped Haiti, and has placed them in disadvantage to compete with other countries of Latin America. May God help the people of Haiti!
Asked Jan 14, 2010
One thing that has been worrying the haitian people is the fact that the money would not reach the Haitian"s hands. I can understand that the history of our haitian people is not one that is too exciting when it's come to money. However, with this situation, their need to be a logistic in place to resolve the issue of the Haitians trials.
If you have a wasteful child like the prodigal son who cannot keep His trust fund save; the responsible parents need to take that money and furnish the goods that the child is in need of.; Not just keep it and just say that the child is wasteful we just need to hold the money while nothing is being done.
Just like Israel of old with the old Testament rudimentaries which the owner saw fit to change and gave us a new. (Heb 8v11-28) It is the same for the haitian for the Haitian with their ways of handling money and Haiti's situation's. whoeveer is handling the money need to also help them; not just hold it and expecting the country to be reconstructed and for infrastructure to continue on a progressive level.
Let them set Logistic, social workers, Doctors, Christians Psychologist and others who can help rebuild the country though, the haitians are not the ones handling the money.

The question is not who's handling the money, but what is the correct and wise one handling it doing with it that the other party would have not done. How much is it that other companies, organizations, countries have given to Haiti? Will they ever get to a solution if the motives of those who declare they need to help haiti's careless manner of handling money be resolved? Have they sign contracts? Assign engineer, architects, designers, Ordain Christians,(Mathew 24) Bible workers, Psychologist,and positive entertainers to help the country. have the seismograp have set dates to see whether or not the ground can be rebuild right now? What type of shelter should they build because of the earthquake?
where should their start, Port-au Prince, Province, CAp-Haitian or other place in Haiti that was virgin like?
May God help us as Steward if we proclaim to be good and willing or disquisely using others weakness to show ourselves prudent while we could just be using a situation to abuse others necessity.
Please don't forget! I do agree that the haitian government cannot handle such task/ this type of money to help their own country; due to past histories and facts. However please for the Eternal one sake those who are handling it for the Haitian people do something about it. I believe it's time that they have good infrastructure and a well rebuilt Perle des Antilles As it was named before Under God Titulage and none other.

Answered Aug 11, 2010
In every country in the world, the level of poverty and distribution of wealth are directly proportional to the level of education. The way to cure desperate situations such as what exists in Hati, Sierra Leone and the like is to educate the population.

Educated people elect honest officials, build structures that will withstand earthquakes and produce the products needed to sustain the population. Any efforts to help people in those areas should be built around a massive effort to educate all of the people. Otherwise, the investments in helping them will have to be redone over and over for many years in the future.
Answered Aug 11, 2010
Edited Aug 11, 2010

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