Can I burn wood in a porpane fire place if the gas is off?

i have a propane fire place can i burn wood in it if the gas is shut off
Asked Jan 14, 2010
Edited Jan 14, 2010
No because if the propane is not on how will ya get the propane? you will not so thats is the answer if it helps ya!!!!!! Kayleerae
Answered Jan 14, 2010
The wood would burn just fine. You don't need propane for fire. 19561961 is just worried about it doing damage to the propane line in the fireplace or maybe even igniting in the line causing an explosion. Anyways, you misunderstood the question.
Kayleerae is wrong. You can. However, make sure the valve is properly off though, but you can.
Answered Jan 14, 2010

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