Im seventeen still in high school and i dk what i wanna do after i graduate?

Asked Jan 14, 2010
i think u should study hard so u can live a good live and become something important to get your name in the world
Answered Jan 14, 2010
Well, I personally am very intelligent and skilled in many things, but I'm not sure what I want to do with my life yet either, so I'm going to college in the mean time till I make a decision. So if you're unsure, then just go to a community college like me until you decide what to do. It's better than sitting around the house all day doing nothing with your life hoping for something to happen.
Answered Jan 14, 2010
Heres what you really want to do with your life you want to find a good collage and try as hard as you can then go through all your schooling and once you finnaly finish collage you will have a dream life.

Hay im only 18 and im gonna try!
Answered Jan 19, 2010

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