What did women's rights grow in over time in Canada?

I am doing an essay for history class about women's rights and my thesis is how their rights increased over time and i need four arguments and all of them need to be on a different era in time
1. 1900-1928
4. 1968-1983
I am not so concerned about the eras but i am more about the arguments itself so far i have
women in war...since they started working they later on gained more rights and could have jobs
women in politics, they made organizations and fought for their rights and could eventually vote
women in fashion, they could only wear a certain type of clothing....but later came into fashion
I need one more and i need help on expanding the fashion one because I don't have a strong argument...
Asked Jan 10, 2010
Edited Jan 10, 2010
American Men>Canadaian women
Answered Aug 24, 2017

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