Justin Bieber's cell phone number?

Asked Jan 10, 2010
i am famous i am on youtube duhh!!! if u look under the brew but it might not be on yet so check like in 5 days
Youtube doesn't make you famous. In my own personal opinion, I pity people who are on Youtube...
listen no one is stuck up when I was little my mom said if u say something about other people then ur just saying something about urself so shutup
if youtube is 4 losers??? how come justin bieber became famous by youtube then?!!! lol utube is gr8!! oh and by the way kaleigh2322 u are only famous if loads of people have seen u on youtube!!! lyk an agent!!
he did get famous by youtube. and youtube is NOT 4 losers. and oni_kami you are wrong. and I know the pruson that made youtube google it.
What about it. You want it? Become famous, then do something to make everyone hate you, then do some late night commercials for non profit organizations, get everyone to like you again, date about 5 different celebrities, then he will send it to you in a text message.
Answered Jan 10, 2010
Justin is famous and has SO many fans so he wouldn't go around and tell everyone, but if you go on his YouTube, it will show his fan number
Answered Jan 11, 2010
hi all u people out there his # (well fan#) is 1-404-665-3410 and if you call it he will make u listen to baby and then u will have to type in your cell # and he will either call or text u sometime.
Answered Feb 15, 2010
Lucky do you know him.....? I GOT HIS NUMBER,I GOT HIS NUMBER!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR THE NUMBER.....
Read the post again, that's not his number, it's a fan number. It just has a recording and you can leave a message, though I'm pretty sure he never listens to the messages nor responds to them.
Oni_Kami I believe u 4 wat u said I believe that he will nvr respond faith_nieken
Uhh, okay, thanks for the support.
nobody knows! besides my friend because her dad knows him my bff wont even give me the number so all these people r lying! stop the fighting haters and stalkers leave!
Answered Mar 05, 2010
Hey you guys are talking to justin bieber
No I'm not.
Your website? No, this website belongs to my friend Ryan.
his number is 404-665-3410
Answered Mar 18, 2010
It just doesn't connect. That's not a real number.
yes it does connect. well for me it does atleast.
he most likely gets very upset when girls are obsessing over him
and he most likley doesn't come on this website nor does he want to talk to someone he doesn't know!
how would you feel if you always had some obsessed girl trying to call you all the time???
lol that is pretty messed up. thats the one reason I dont wanna be famous cuz there would be people drooling all over me and obsessing over me. that gets annoying and old after a while. thats why I dont obsess over stars like some people but I do know a lot of stuff about them lol. but I dont go to every concert and get front row seats and try to distract him/her while they are singing. I hate when people do that. those people are just a-holes
Amen to that! I'm the same way, except even less, like, I don't bother going to concerts and I don't know a damned thing about anyone famous. I only know the names of maybe 15 actors(/actresses) in total. I say I saw a movie, someone says to me, "Oh yeah, who's in that?" I say, "Who the hell cares? It was well made, had a good plot, and didn't totally suck, so go see it."
hey yall better shut up and stop telling me and his fans that he is never going to call back because it is not true and is hertting my feelings and just because he does not like u don"t hate .
Answered Mar 20, 2010
First of all, we have a right to express our opinion, so you have no business telling us otherwise.
Secondly, what are you going to do about it anyways? You said, "better shut up," thus denoting a threat, but as I see it, we're all anonymous to each other over the internet. I mean the chances of us even living in the same STATE are astronomical, so what could you possibly do? Internet threats are the silliest most pointless things ever and just make you look like a fool when you make them.
Third, saying that he's never to call is just a reality check. He's a regular human being just like the rest of us and has his own life to live. It's not like he sits around at home constantly surfing the web and dialing every fan he sees that posts their number on line just to call his fans, I mean he's a student, he has homework, and he has friends, and a family. He's just not going to call you just
because you want him to. It's a pipe dream.
Fourth off, if you're getting your feelings hurt by some people online saying that a stranger isn't going to call you, then you are incredibly soft. I mean seriously, what do you care? Like I said, we're all anonymous to each other, you don't know any of us, and if you really think he's going to call you, then what do you care what we think? Also, it's not like we're calling you fat and ugly, so why are you getting so hurt about this?
Fifth, he doesn't like any of us, he doesn't dislike any of us, he just doesn't know any of us. He's just a guy, just a normal human being. And heven if he knew me and didn't like me, big deal, so what? I wouldn't go around the internet posting "JUSTIN SUX CUZ HE NO LYKE ME!" I would just be as unbiased as I am now.
Well I really don't like thi fighting about people getting or not getting his phone number.So how about all of you just be quiet,but in a nice way.Well I so know his number it's his fan number thats only a hint of that question.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
u should just stop trying to call him because im his girl friend and I know his real phone number
Answered Mar 28, 2010
justin bieber does not have a girlfriend nice try but stop lying
no one likes a lyer
i just dont get it probley every one on you tube only has justin biebers fan number plus me and my friend want to know justin biebers real cell phone number to leave him messages about stuff online or in the real world
Answered Apr 02, 2010
yes he is sexy . my sister love's him and she has meet justin bieber and hanged out with him she has 500 poster's of him. so yeah yet over him because he doesnt want you so shut up
justin bieber iz 404-569-4462. they changed hiz number. trust me I kall him. I love him but im not obssed wit him!
Answered Apr 06, 2010
im sorry but he has a gurl voise nd all u guys are desperate !
knowing nun of you can have him even if you tried because he isnt looking for little kids ! k . no im not saying he looking for me cause I personally dont like him ! at all he is annoying as hell ! so yeah I hate hearing you little desperate gurls asking for his number he is a teenage boy juss like you ! but he writes and sings his own music ! so yeah ! stop bein obssesed and desperate !