Is chris rock an addict

Has chris Rock ever been known to use crack?
Asked Jan 08, 2010
He's sold crack, but he hasn't actually done it.

Answered Jan 08, 2010
That's bull, why in the hell would he need to sell crack? Here is a little saying;
Hang around a barber shop long enough and sooner or later you will get your hair cut. Lets remember how many people smoked pot but never inhaled !
Answered Feb 26, 2010
Well if you'd read that article, he admits to tasting some coke once, but that's about it, and he also said that the crack he sold, his friend was supposed to sell with him, but got hooked on his share. But more importantly, back then, crack was the big thing, everyone was on crack, so it was a great way to make some money. As for WHY he would need to sell crack, it was when he was a teenager, before he was the rich comedian he is now. Before bashing an article, try reading it first.

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