What animals are the most viscious?

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Asked Jan 07, 2010
Well there definitely isn't ONE most vicious animal, but bears are definitely on that list. I saw this show once on TV about these guys trying to build a suit to protect you from the fearsome strength of a bear. They succeeded, but the downside was that no one was able to move inside the suit, hahaha. Sharks are also on the list because they only need one bite to kill any living thing. There's also this thing called a giant snakehead, and it's a fish, not amphibious, but it can still come up onto the land for short periods, and there've been reports of them attacking people in England. These things are seriously not to be messed with. Real monsters. Also, humans are animals, and as you know, we're considered the most dangerous game for a reason. Heh.
Answered Jan 07, 2010

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