Settle in full or paid in full...which is better for my credit report?

Old phone bill is in collections from 3-4 yrs ago. I received a letter from collection agency to pay half of balance & upon receipt they would report acct as "settled in full". Would it be best to just Pay In Full. Which is best for my credit?? Would it be okay to "settle in full"??

*Is it wise to pay debts this old?..where we are looking to finance a home within this year???*
Asked Jan 06, 2010
Edited Jan 06, 2010
PAID that is a no brain-er. If it says settled a creditor knows you did NOT pay all of your dept and settled the account to get the person you owe money to off your back. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pay your bills. But Also debt that is 3 or more years old is not able to be added back on your credit unless you admit to

the debt in writing or on a call that is almost always recorded by the creditor that is calling you. If the debt is 3 or more years old say nothing and declare it as wrong info on your credit report. I do collections each and everyday. Most people don't know the laws that"We" have to follow when when contact people like you. :)
Answered Jan 19, 2010
Edited Jan 19, 2010

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