Are animals better than humans????????

i always thought animals are better than humans because well they romed the earth first they lived on earth first!we just pushed them out of our way.I know 4 a fact god did not intend 4 us 2 do that to the animals on our earth! we ruind this beautiful earth that god gave 2 us. all the animals did is provide food 4 us in the old'en days.We ruined the Earth not them!so?!?! Are animals better than humans???<3
Asked Jan 05, 2010
i do not think that , god made us for one reason and one reason only
No, animals are not better than humans. No, humans are not better than animals. They're all equal.
Answered Jan 05, 2010
No way at all !!
A dog (for example) requires a plate of food and a bowl of clean water and in return for that it will give its life to protect you
A man will sell his daughter, kill his friends , rob a bank , just for a drug fix
Which is the more faithfull ? Back to you !
Answered Jan 06, 2010
i think no animals are not better than humans because we have a life to explore to places and we don't get eaten by tigers or maybe wild animals and plus we don't have too leave in a hole like litte tiny mice..
Answered Feb 01, 2010
"I know 4 a fact god did not intend 4 us 2 do that to the animals on our earth!" What do you mean by this?

It's not that humans are better. We're just smarter, that's all.
Answered Feb 07, 2010
animals are better then humans. For instance humans destroy the earth. On the other hand animals are just minding their own bissness. Pepole think their
" more evolved or smarter" then animals or more "dominatin" But really if it comes down to a bear vs a human with out the human dumb flippin gun the bear would kill him/her. And u know humans are destroying animals homes and killing them . We arent the dominat species we just think we are if a animal comes into a city and kills a human we get all paniced and kill it. We have no right to do that because we kill animals.
Answered Feb 08, 2010
Animals should be capitalized as it's the beginning of a sentence. Than, not then. You've missed a lot of commas (especially seeing as you didn't use a single one). Business, not bisness. People, not Pepole. They're, not their. Technically speaking, or should not have been in quotes. Again, than, not then. Dominant, not dominatin. You shouldn't have capitalized but unless you ended the sentence there. There have been many cases of humans killing bears without guns all throughout history. You, not u. Periods go at the end of a word, not after a space. There's an apostrophe in aren't. Again, dominant, not dominat. An, not a. Panicked, not paniced.

The point I'm getting at with all my corrections is that I read about a monkey that was taught how to type English perfectly, with punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization. A monkey is better than you...
Although that proves your point, you're just one case, out of the BILLIONS of people on this planet. Furthermore, you said, "We arent the dominat species..." well we are the dominant species in that we out number any ONE species of animal. Insects out number humans easily, but they have incredibly short life spans and reproduce at a rate incapable to humans, and insects are not animals. Point is, humans dominate the planet in number, animals as a whole have us out numbered, but as a species we're dominant.
Wait a minute, since when weren't insects animals?
Since they weren't part of the kingdom animalia???
mice out number humans 30 to 1 dumb ass
Dude1 Jan 18, 2014
yes,animals are better than a human being as now the days humans are cutting down the trees to fulfill their needs but they forgot that "nature can fulfill there needs but not the greeds"
on the other hand animals do not cause any damage to as or nature
Answered Aug 03, 2010
"Better" doesn't work to describe anything unless you include what the comparison is based on. Animals are "better" at surviving in the wilderness but nowhere close to humans at producing their own food.

Humans are not only capable of cutting down trees, we're also capable of planting them. The problem is priorities. Until we learn that the survival of mankind is more important than nationalities, races and religions, the current, destructive priorities will remain the same.
Answered Aug 03, 2010
Yes but there is no need to plant trees, animals let the trees plant themselves
Rob, animals may plant tree's by eating the seeds and leave out feces, where the seeds are deposited from an animal; but it is also our job as well to plant the tree's as well, not the animals alone. We can't survive the world without them and nature, and nature and animals can't survive this polluted Earth unless we help them and the Earth by cleaning our environment, finding better fuel resources, and help plant and animal alike by giving them the life they need to live on this planet. We only have one Earth, there won't be another until there will be another big bang of the universe or a great creator creates it.
well when the last tree is cut off and the last river is polluted mankind would realize that he can't eat his money
Answered Sep 30, 2010
Animals Do not Kill other Animals for the Fun/Sport of it like Humans do, they will kill only for the food and to protect.
There for Making Animals Better then Humans.
Answered Nov 06, 2010
humans are better than animals. you dont see animals building cities or making fire, so shuttup you silly tree huggers
Answered Nov 24, 2010
We also burn cities with fire. Does that make us better too?
Dude1 Jan 18, 2014
And yet animals don't harm the Mother Earth by polluting and harming the land, they did not also create the weapons that are one of the highest causes of death. So do you still really think that humans are better then people? We're not.
YES animals are better than humans want to know why because animals didnt invent guns nucliar F***ing weapons that wrect the earth they dont care about money because they dont know what it is their life is all about survival whats our about MONEY ALL MONEY MONEY MONEY with us oh yeah if an animal fights back we just shoot it.In scotland there were baby seals who were minding there own little lifes to themselfs when all of a sudden THE MAN came with bats came on the beach and clobbered and killed 100 baby seals you know why because THE MAN thought they where eating all the fish JUST PROVES THAT WE CARE ABOUT OURSELFES what about the animals eh???? I just think it aint fair mate!!!
Answered Jan 25, 2011
Yes, of course. They may be violent and may not build houses or roads but they are not causing any harm to the environment like human beings. Their desire is limited and therefore they are happy and contended. We are killing them for medicine but they not. Infact, if we see in a philosophical way, they helf us in realising the reality of our so called progress.
Answered Feb 24, 2012
think about is written, God will destroy the world because of humans and not animals. In other words, humans are the curse of world not the animals.
Answered May 05, 2012
Edited May 05, 2012
Animals do not need humans, humans need animals. If humans cease to exist the animal world would continue.
elw1213 May 05, 2012
Let me justify that animals are better than humans. Humans have distanced themselves from nature. While animals live in close proximity with nature but humans have preferred to do contrary to the laws of nature. For example, a man's mouth will emanate bad smell until he brushes his teeth with man-made tooth paste whereas a dog would never do it but still a dog's teeth have a snow-white shine. A man never feels comfortable until he has taken his bath with good soap or shampoo...animals never use soap or shampoo but still they look fresh and fine without it. Man wears costly jeans, sweater and other cloths which animals never do, rather they are comfortable to be nude because they are more innocent than humans. It is the animals' close relationship with nature that make them superior to humans.
Answered Jan 05, 2013
Well said. The world will end because of humans not animals. Humans are the worst beast ever existed and still on the earth. Animals do kill for protection and food .But humans kill for fun. It's the animals eventually wins. Lol
Answered Aug 02, 2013
Edited Aug 02, 2013
humans used to be equal with the animals because we would only take from the earth which we needed to live just as they do. Now humans with their made up concept of money and power, have abused the land and its unreplaceable resources. We have taken too much from the earth we will some day feel the real consequences of our actions as a species.
Answered Jan 18, 2014

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