I want to move to l.a. and do some acting

I am 15 now I want to move when im 17/18. Then do some acting which I have not very much exp. in but believe I can do it. So like I would do some extra's work and then work my way up also with like a job on the side.

How like hard would this be to achieve?
Asked Jan 04, 2010
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, but I've grown up my whole life in L.A. and I've seen so many people aspire to be actors and actresses. Well let me tell you right now, literally 100% of those people are all currently waiters and waitresses. Trust me, just value your education, work hard, and get a well paying JOB.
Answered Jan 04, 2010
shut up! you are ruining peoples dreams! this is a helping website! hence the name EHELP! it is not EHURT! keyboards are for helping not hurting!!
katie Jan 04, 2010
Usually I'd explain to you how I was helping him to not waste his life for something that isn't even a dream to him, but instead I'll tell you to just cry me a river (and then build me a bridge to get over it).
Be an extra as much as possible. Local film commissions are good to call. Do a a lot of community theater too. Take an acting class and start building a resume. Then start submitting to agencies. My advice is to stay at least a few months where you're at with an agent and go for the bigger auditions before you move to California. California is not as "unreachable" as dream crushers say. Get room mates and most importantly save up now. There are a TON of short films and indies in Cali that you can load up on your resume, and a ton of opportunites to be an extra. Do that first, get as much experience as you can, and try to get an agent. Also, if you can think of anything else in life that you'd be just as happy doing, then do that, and trust me you're life will be happier. If you can't...then do this. Thats a quote of wisdom I heard and it stuck with me. But most importantly, shut your ears and block out negativity. And start doing that RIGHT now cuz its about to crash on top of you if you want to do this for your life.
Answered Mar 13, 2010

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