My computer was stuck when shutting down

I installed a new anti-virus software and uninstall the old one just now and it said that i had to restart. I clicked the restart button. However, the computer was stuck when it was shutting down. I've waited for at least 10 mins but nothing happened. Thus, I pressed the power button to shut it down. So, is it due to the incompatible between the software, or something else?
Asked Jan 04, 2010
What's the name of the anti-virus?
it's NOD32. And now the thing is getting worse. I can't shut down my PC. Every time i want to shut down, it gets stuck at "windows is shutting down" and nothing happens. I have to press the power button.
Maybe that's not because the anti-virus since I got the problem after I updated the BIOS driver. I got the driver from the manufacture so I'd better ask them.
NOD32 looks like a good program, but I suggest Avast personally. I use to use AVG, but it's gotten too bulky for my tastes as of late. Anyways, the whole BIOS thing sounds like a big possibility, I'd definitely try rolling back the driver first and seeing if that fixes the problem.
Thank u so much man. I'll try it.
Any time.
It sounds like it just had a hookup. That's when something happens like a computer process gets stuck calculating a number to infinity, so it just stops doing that task. It causes a specific process to suck up more and more cpu cycles and more and more ram until you put a stop to said process. Anyways, point is, it's nothing to worry about, if there was an incompatibility, a notice would have popped up to tell you. It's just something that happens sometimes, and there's nothing that can be done to make it never happen to anybody, it's just part of the computer condition, it just happens.
Answered Jan 04, 2010
May be there occurred some windows problem because of what the same got stuck or hanged. Try to grab a good engineer for the relative problem, hope that will help you out.
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Answered Sep 04, 2014
might be compatibility issue.
Answered Sep 05, 2014

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